The Handy Husbands


Here you see dark, plain cabinets with ceramic tile countertops.



The cabinet doors were dressed up with decorative mouldings, the soffet was removed and crown moulding was added as well as trim at the bottom of the upper cabinets. An appliance garage built as well as a bridge shelf over the window. The cabinets were painted & glazed. Granite tile countertops were installed and tumble marble was added on the walls up to the bridge shelf.

This one bank of new cabinetry corrected four major problems, flow, function, storage and counter space. We tore out the dividing wall between the kitchen & laundry room where the oven was located. With the new open space we added a beverage and serving center.  To the left there are now two large pantry cabinets with cabinets between and a place for barstools for additional seating.


Lower left- this is a fold-out trash bin. Lower middle- This is a slide-out coffee maker. Lower right, This door folds down to expose the microwave. The cabinets below are for storage.

Upper left- This lighted glass front cabinet holds the crystal. Upper middle- It's a handy wine rack. Upper right- Storage for coffee cups . Notice the backsplash, it's textured wallpaper painted and glazed to look like pressed copper.

Here's the other side. The refrigetator was built into it's own cabinet next to the now accessable oven. The washer and dryer were enclosed in a closet with doors built to match the cabinets 

And now the final solution to flow & function, the seating


The small, dated table and chairs lacked style and comfort


A custom booth was built. The seating has a lot of storage under the cushions for things like breadmakers, crock pots and holiday china. The table was custom built and is on casters. Top is a mosaic using the travertine from the floors, the granite from the counter tops and tumbled marble from the backsplashes.



Below are galleries of past projects


First of all is the Desmond Kitchen featured on the front page

This project was our

 "Contractor of The Year" award winner.



Dark wallpaper, plain, outdated pickled cabinets and laminate countertops  just didn't fit with the rest of this Million Dollar home.


We addressed the problems by updating the cabinets with crown moulding and a decorative trim at the bottoms of the upper cabinets. The lower cabinets had 18" added the the right of the sink to make it more usable for the right handed client. The pickled finish was painted a taupe color & hand finished with a dark walnut glaze. Granite tile countertops and a tumbled marble backsplash complete the look. The refrigerator was enclosed in a build-in cabinet and painted to match the cabinets. The island was expanded and the front and endcaps were clad in beaded board with decorative trim. then painted a deep sage green with a walnut glaze. A slab granite top with a overhang for barstools topped it off. 

The wallpaper was covered with stucco and painted glazed to complement the cabinets. A pale sage green ceiling & new fixtures complete the picture.


One of the key issues with the homeowner was the wasted space under the pass-thru.


That problem was addressed by building a custom winerack into the pass-thru. Lighted, glassed front cabinets flank it on both sides . A bank of lower cabinets was added with a wine cooler on one end and bookshelves for cookbooks on the other. Granite tile countertops & tumbled marble backsplashes complete the look.


The Millwood Kitchen

This project was the cover for the "Atlanta Home Improvement" magazine's annual Kitchen & Bath Issue

We're obviously very proud of this project.

This was probably the largest, most complicated kitchen renovation we've ever undertaken.

The most obvious visual issue is was of course, the dull, outdated look. However, function was actually the main problem. The kitchen was large square footage wise, but it lacked flow, seating, storage and counter space. The oven was actually located in the adjacent laundry room.

The photographs below will walk you thru the changes.


This was a typical 70's modern kitchen. In additon to

updating the client wanted to divide the kitchen from

 the dining area but still leave the open feeling.


Here we see plain white cabinets, white laminate countertops and a really heavy faux finish


 Plain cabinets became updated with some door trim, crown moulding and a fresh coat of white paint with a gold glaze. The refrigerator was enclosed in a cabinet with a plate rack above. The large bank of windows was tied into the rest of the cabinets with a bridge shelf above it. The island was enlarged for seating and extra storage. We installed ubatuba granite tiles on the countertops with granite edging and finished it all off with gold tumbled marble installed on the backsplash. We continued up the walls with a soft shade of gold paint to replace the heavier faux finish.                   We even made the window treatments!


Two pantry cabinets were installed and bridged with a large wine rack on the top. Granite topped cabinets filled in between on the bottom with an overhang for additional seating. This gave the client the division she wanted between the kitchen & the dining room with out closing in either space.