The Handy Husbands


 Tile is not only something we do well, it's something

 we really enjoy doing. Anyone can install tile. 

     Doing it with flair is where we specialize!


 The Newsom Foyer

What a back breaking, mind boggling  ordeal that was, but isn't it BEAUTIFUL!


The Hallmark Fireplace

Beauty in slate

The Travis Backsplash

A backsplash should always be done in marble or granite. Why spend thousands on granite countertops then top them off with cheap ceramic? Glass tile is pretty but I think it's going to be dated in a few years. Marble is timeless. Here it's set on the diagonal with a medallion over both the ssink & stove. The medallion is framed with border strips and the inserts are the same granite as the countertops

Bathroom Vanity

Here we've pulled out all the stops! We started by building a floating vanity with a curved front. A granite sink was built into it and the edge surrounded with polished stones. The marble backsplash is a goes to the top of the shower next to it and is an intricate combination of tumbled marble and granite. The mirror was framed in a mosaic .

Slate detail on a Custom Bar

Here we used slate scraps from the floor installation to detail a custom bar that we built out of salvaged wood. It doesn't have to be expensive to be beautiful!

Another use of left over tile

Here we've built  both a table & an island using tile from the flor, backsplash & countertops