The Handy Husbands


Sometimes you just can't buy what need,

so we're here to build it for you!


Rustic Bar

In keeping with the New Orleans tradition of reusing everything, we built this bar. Almost everything used was salvaged. The backsplash is an old closet door, that was our starting place. The only thing new is the wood used to construct it. We took new pine 1x4's, roughed them up  and aged them with a blow torch to match the backsplash. From that we built the base trim, the wine rack, the upper cabinets & the doors. The door for the upper bridge cabinet is an old transom. The bottom of the bar is faced out with ridge tiles from a roof and the ends are capped with slate roofing tiles. All of the tile was left over from the floors, the sink came from theGreen Project and the cooler is curtesy of Craig's list. Total Investment? $175.00